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The New Face of L’Oreal 2011

  • Posted on January 16, 2011 at 9:10 pm

Gwen Stefani has been named the new face of L’Oreal Paris. Over the years several celebrities have represented L’Oreal to say that famous L’Oreal motto “Because You’re Worth It.!”
Gwen Stefani will work along with several spokespeople.They include such well known people as Jennifer Lopez, Milla Jovovich, Diane Keaton, Beyonce Knowles, Evangeline Lilly, Andie MacDowell, Julianna Margulies, Jennifer Lopez,Eva Longoria,just to name a few.

The No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani is excited about her new beauty campaign! “I can’t believe I get to be one of the L’Oreal Paris girls. I love playing dress up, on stage or shooting videos, it’s always been one of my favorite parts of being in a band. And to get to work with such a modern, talented group of people is really exciting. I’m a lucky, lucky girl”, says Gwen Stefani.

“Gwen is a stunning artist with mesmerizing talent and we are thrilled to have her on board. She takes beauty to another dimension, somewhere between style and art. A rock star and fashion icon, she’s definitely a modern muse of her time”, says Cyril Chapuy, Global Brand President of L’Oreal Paris.

“Gwen’s unique personal style and vivacious spirit, together with her career accomplishments in both fashion and music, makes her an inspiration for women everywhere, and an exciting addition to the L’Oreal Paris family”, says Karen T. Fondu, President of L’Oreal Paris USA.

The first campaign Gwen will participate is for L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge lip color. This is a great product for her to start out with since she is known to love those crimson lipstick cosmetics. She is not only a rock star but a style icon with her own line of clothing.

Look out for Gwen’s L’Oreal debut during Sunday’s Golden Globes!

Don’t you just love red lipstick!

  • Posted on June 24, 2010 at 11:21 am

My Mother loved red lipstick, of course back in her era, red was the bomb. She grew up in the forties and while she did not wear a lot of make up, she always took the time to paint her lips red.
When I came along in the fifties, and then in quick succession my other 7 siblings, she was a very busy woman. But I do remember her still putting on her lipstick to go out.
Lipstick Cosmetics has come a long way since then, but I love a nice shade of red lipstick.
What about you?
Depending on your coloring you might think red is not for you. Not true! There is a red for everyone.
People with fair skin should opt for coral-y reds. The will look great on you, and the color will not be overwhelming with your fair skin.
Medium skinned people can wear any shades from true red, or cranberry red will look amazing with your golden tones in your skin.
Deeper colors like maybe a striking burgundy or a darker red will work for darker skin tones.
If choose red lipstick cosmetics, tone down you eye makeup and blush for a more natural look so that your lips will be the center of attention.

Try a red lipstick cosmetic today, make your lips the center of attention.