Iran Women are fined for Lipstick Cosmetics!

  • Posted on July 4, 2010 at 7:44 pm

The women in Iran are fined for wearing cosmetics. When they look in the mirror, they are not checking their look for cosmetics, they are double checking that they have no trace of cosmetics on their face.

Imagine being fined for being too stylish.

Citizens who break the rules of chaste behavior are being fined. Fines are raised up to $1300. Imagine paying $10 a finger for nail polish, $200 for having a suntan. All cosmetics worn are reason for fines and considered improper behavior.

They are taking it to the academic world, asking that students be failed if they participate in ignoring the hijab rules.
This hijab campaign is not new,it took a back seat during the controversial election but the authorities are putting the “morality police’ back in full alert.
We as American women are fortunate to be able to make choices for ourselves about the cosmetics and clothes we want to wear. It’s a good thing because I for one love my cosmetics.
Iran Women who wear lipstick cosmetics and other banned cosmetics and clothing will pay dearly for their choices. Authorities intend to enforce laws against wearing “improper” cosmetics and clothing.

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