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Are Lipstick Cosmetics an Economic Index?

  • Posted on June 23, 2010 at 10:51 pm

Do you believe that Lipstick Cosmetics or other makeup purchases can indicate a recession?
Back in the early 2000s the Chariman of Estee Lauder coined The lipstick index term. Leonard Lauder indicated that increased sales of cosmetics during the recession indicated that it could be an economic indicator. His opinion was that women purchased cosmetics purchases especially lipstick cosmetics in times of economic decline. He speculated that women purchased new cosmetics instead of larger purchases in times of economic downfalls.
But this does not hold true because during periods of economic growth, sales of lipstick cosmetics have grown.
With this latest economic crunch cosmetic sales have dropped and women are looking for discount cosmetics to make looking good more affordable.
I find that when I go shopping I look for cosmetics that have the colors and quality I like but I also consider prices more then I do in more prosperous times. Most of my friends are in the same mindset, We all love our cosmetics, and there is nothing like a new lipstick cosmetic color to brighten the day, but in these times price is important. So whether it is an economic index or not lipstick cosmetics are a core of women’s beauty.

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