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Discount Lipstick Cosmetics

  • Posted on September 30, 2009 at 4:40 pm

Women love lipstick cosmetics. We love how they make us look,an application of lipstick brightens up our face  and our day.  Let’s face facts, a lot of days,there is no time for a full make up application, but if we just take  a minute to apply our favorite shade of lipstick will do. Because even if you are just running to the store, who knows who you will see. So take a little time and apply your favorite shade of lipstick cosmetics.

Of course even though we love them we also appreciate a good discount lipstick cosmetic. How wonderful is it to find a shade you absolutely love and you can get it at a discount. Elf Cosmetics offers a line of products that are a decent quality product at a discount price.    Why not try a shiny 3 shade lip gloss in a  purse compact? It is a great lipstick cosmetic at a discount price. When we find discount lipstick cosmetics we can take a chance and try new colors and shades at discount prices .  And who among us doesn’t love a discount on our lipstick cosmetics. It is much more tolerable to buy a new shade at a discount price, you know that shade that looks so good  at the store only to get it home and look in the mirror and it is a disaster.  If  you try it at  a discount price it is much easier to part with it.  And if you love the new lipstick cosmetics, even better you can continue to buy it at a great price. So consider a new lipstick cosmetic and add some variety to your life.

History Of Lipstick Cosmetics

  • Posted on September 23, 2009 at 2:26 am

Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, Marilyn Monroe, and modern women have one beauty product in common, lipstick cosmetics. Where would women be without lipstick?  Over the years lipstick ingredients have changed drastically. Lipstick cosmetic origins date back to 3000 BC, women in Mesopotamia used red clay to create lipstick, also henna, seaweed, iodine and bromine mannite, some of these ingredients were toxic.  Women were dying to be beautiful.

IN 5000 BC, the Sumerians used crushed semi-precious stones to make their lip color. Cleopatra of Egypt used lipstick cosmetics, hers were made from crushed beetles with a base of ants. Upper class Roman women used homemade lip color ,also.

Around 900 AD, Abu al-Quasim al-Zahrwai is actually given credit for creating the first actual lipstick. A wax base was created for the pigment, perfume was added and pressed into a mold. This was a giant improvement from little jars and tiny brushes.  Thank you, Abu for making the lives of women through the centuries easier.

During the Middle Ages lipstick still remained popular, but mainly in the lower class and prostitutes.

In the 1500’s Queen Elizabeth I introduced the trend of chalk white faces   together with red lipstick. The main ingredients they used to produce lipstick were beeswax and plants. Although lipstick became very popular during this time, lipstick faced a lot opposition from the church. The church considered painting faces and lips as the Devil’s work

In the 1700s lipstick was thought of as a devil’s tool to seduce a man, and in England parliament actually ruled  that women could be burned at the stake for luring a man into marriage.    After all, how powerful can pouty red lips be?  Lipstick is a potent weapon in a women’s arsenal, but luring a man to marriage might require a little more than our favorite lipstick cosmetics. Queen Victoria was against lipstick and in the middle of the Victorian era lipstick cosmetics were not popular.

The twentieth century brought innovations to lipstick cosmetics. Max Factor introduced the first glossy lipstick, of course a lot of this was seen on actresses in Hollywood. Maurice Levy invented the metal container in 1915, much like the ones use d nowadays. By 1949 kiss proof lipstick was developed and that was an exciting enhancement to the cosmetic industry.

The popularity of lipstick cosmetics increased as lip liners and lip bombs were developed.  The evolution of lipstick continued as moisturizing lipsticks appeared on the market in the nineties.  Lipstick lasted longer and more new and innovative colors were introduced.

Modern day women have lots of choices and Avon is one company that offers a variety of lipstick choices. Beyond Color lipstick offered in several beautiful colors with retinol and spf 15 so lips will be protected and   be more youthful looking.

Another great product it the Three in One Lip wand. First define with lip liner. Then add luscious color with lipstick. Add shine with lip gloss.   All three in one product which fits conveniently into your purse.

After all, what would women do without lipstick? On our low days, a slash of color can perk us up instantly and on good days your favorite shade can make you feel fantastic.